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60' mins - MX$ 900
90' mins - MX$ 1,200
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Embodiment Studio
Roma Sur, CDMX
House Call (CDMX)
Playa del Carmen

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Thai Massage

The Ancient Traditional Thai Massage Theory states that energy lines called Sen Sib Lines run down our bodies from our core, along our limbs and head. These lines balance the energy that flows through our bodies ruling our mindset, emotions, mood and general feeling.

Different circumstances such as physical work, unfortunate events, emotional pression or mind distractions have an impact, affecting these threads, obstructing their optimal flow of energy. Resulting in injuries, discomfort, lack of concentration, mobility limitations, even emotional and physical pain.

The Thai Massage bodywork consists of full body stretches and pressured massage at precise body points that release the obstructions of these lines allowing the energy to glide fluently through our body, benefiting your lifestyle in terms of movement, flexibility, mindset and soul feeling.

Ideal to treat (chronic or not) injuries caused from activities such as:

  • Stress caused from work, traveling, daily living.
  • Wrong posture for long hours at the computer/desk
  • Injuries caused by traveling activities such as:
    • Carrying heavy luggage for a long time
    • Hiking - long hikes
    • Horseback riding
    • Uncomfortable traveling commodities
    • Extreme or unsual physical effort
  • Relaxation from daily life or traveling exhaustion

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Embodiment Therapists

  • Andrea Zola

    Somatic Therapist


  • Priscella Uvalle

    Thai Master


  • Mariana Arocena

    Holistic Therapist


  • Sebastián Castorena

    Thai Therapist


  • Pamela Salinas

    Somatic Therapist


  • Sandra Soriano



  • Erika Irene



  • Jannet Astorga



  • Ernesto Cruz

    Bodywork Therapist


Embodiment México

Embodiment Mexico
Roma Sur, Mexico City
+52 55 5434 3608
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60 min - MX$ 900
90 min - MX$ 1,200
120 min - MX$ 1,500
150 min - MX$ 1,800


Embodiment Studio
Roma Sur, Mexico City
House Call (Mexico City)
Playa del Carmen

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