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60' mins - MX$ 900
90' mins - MX$ 1,200
120' mins - MX$ 1,500
150' mins - MX$ 1,800


Embodiment Studio
Roma Sur, CDMX
House Call (CDMX)
Playa del Carmen

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Embodiment Mexico

Specialized Corporal Therapies

Welcome to Embodiment Mexico, the perfect place to relax and take care of your body. Our specialized body therapies offer a wide variety of therapeutic massages to treat different ailments and tensions in your body.

Do you have back pain? Do you suffer from stress and anxiety? Don't worry!

Our team of highly trained therapists will help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

We are proud to provide exceptional and personalized service to each of our clients. We understand that every body is different, so we make sure to tailor our therapeutic massages to meet your specific needs. In addition, the calm and relaxing atmosphere of our studio will help you disconnect from daily stress and fully enjoy your experience with us.

Book your appointment today and enjoy a massage you will never forget...

We focus on the personal well-being of each individual, which is why we have developed a unique combination of different techniques and disciplines, such as assisted yoga, body therapies, meditation, breathing exercises, reflexology, among others, to create a personalized session for you, adapted to your needs and pathologies, and promote maximum benefits for your personal well-being.

At Embodiment Mexico, our mission is to help you feel better in body and mind. We assure you that you will feel renewed and revitalized after receiving one of our specialized body therapies.

Schedule your appointment today and enjoy an unparalleled quality massage...


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Embodiment Therapists

  • Sebastián Castorena

    Thai Therapist


  • Mariana Arocena

    Holistic Therapist


  • Priscella Uvalle

    Thai Master


  • Pamela Salinas

    Somatic Therapist


  • Andrea Zola

    Somatic Therapist


  • Jannet Astorga



  • Sandra Soriano



  • Erika Irene



  • Ernesto Cruz

    Bodywork Therapist


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Embodiment México

Embodiment Mexico
Roma Sur, Mexico City
+52 55 5434 3608
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60 min - MX$ 900
90 min - MX$ 1,200
120 min - MX$ 1,500
150 min - MX$ 1,800


Embodiment Studio
Roma Sur, Mexico City
House Call (Mexico City)
Playa del Carmen

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